Time and money

In life, time is of important essence. From what I have inferred from the experiences that I have had till now, is that the time you spend with people are more important because they engrave memories in your heart which are unerasable. We always seem to remember both good and bad times although not with same amount of emotional attachment. As someone rightly said ” time is money”. Whatever way we spend our time governs our quality of life. We can’t regain lost time nor can we relive the happy memories of past. What we can indeed do is to make optimum use of whatever time we have at hand. Companies pay more money for overtime because they pay for the time which could be spent in other pursuits like for family. Money we get from others may be treasured by some but the time we spend with someone can never be forgotten easily if that person is close to us. The least that a person can do to be close with someone is just to spend more time. Life is finite, as such time is treasure which shall be utilised judiciously.


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