Love a complex emotion which seems to have different connotations for different people. Love maybe categorized as filial, patriotic, erotic, romantic, etc. However I would like to restrict myself to the more common seeming form of love in popular culture- romantic love. It is a complex emotion which cannot be described by any words. Biologists have reported that people allegedly show different physiological responses than those who aren’t like increased levels of certain hormones. Nobody can be made to love somebody. It is for all practical purposes a voluntary emotion. Sometimes people may confuse infatuation with love, but then in today’s age the lines have been blurred and “infatuation” itself is hard to define. Sometimes people dont know why they fell in love in the first place. Love is often not what cheesy romantic movies and novels want us to believe. For instance “love at first” is highly overrated. Also most of the times the person we may love may not love us back or not necessarily with the same fervour. More often than not real life love stories end in tragedy rather than comedy( or happily ever after). People in love act visibly different from when they weren’t. There is a certain kind of joy and excitement in their their steps, a smile on their face and song in their voice( however exceptions exist). Love can at times be confusing. People love each other in different ways. Some believe in physical attachment to be necessary, others may propose a similarity of thoughts, still others may believe opposites attract. I for one believe that one’s lover must be one’s best friend. I also think that one mustn’t love someone who doesn’t love you back at all. If that’s the case you must be either madly in love or just headed for emotional breakdown( heartbreak in common usage). Love can be eternal only if both the persons involved are understanding, faithful and above all care for each other as much or more than they do for themselves. As numerous examples in real life, literature films point out people’s fascination with love is not going to end any sooner and rightly so because it is one of the most basic emotions of life and one of the things that make us human. Previous disappointments in love shouldn’t deter our further attempts at love. As someone rightly said “Make love not war”.


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