Opposites and extremes

Wherever we see we notice stark opposites in every facet of society. Be it the economic disparity among different strata of people or the immense difference of power between people . Opposites exist rather co-exist and complement each other. Without the darkness we would not appreciate the light. In the light of the day one can comprehend the darkness of the night. There is beauty in melancholy. People mostly are hypocrites, at some point of their lives at least. Absurdity is present in the most profoundest of things and the profound can be found in the most absurd of things. A grain of sand may hold the secrets of the universe and the big bang and higgs boson may seem like simple blasts. I am not suggesting that there must continue to be differences between things, what I feel is that we should not always strive for homogeneity in everything. There is beauty in diversity. We have to accept the extremes of the world if its not beneficial for us strive to reduce it, if not let us enjoy it. You are not going to live forever so enjoy the world and the multitudes that exist within.


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