They say books are a man’s best companion, well I don’t disagree. I don’t trust people that much so books are a better choice for my time than backbiting friends. It is better to be in the company of Fitzgerald,  Hemingway, Coelho, Murakami etc. than to be in the vicinity of nondescript people uttering nonsense. I m not particularly a fan of long( which implies boring) classics . I don’t read things that most people read if i don’t enjoy them. For me books are objects of interest and leisure. Also as Haruki Murakami rightly said ” if you read the same books as everyone else is reading you will think the same things as everyone else is thinking”, and I think quite differently. There have been many books which I have left midway because I didn’t like them. Notable amongst them are ‘catcher in the rye’, ‘catch22’ , ‘sense and sensibility’ etc.However that hasn’t in any way deterred my enthusiasm to try out reading books by different authors of different genres . I do have my favorites though, Haruki Murakami being the present( my favorite book being “south of the border west of the sun) . There is always something in Murakami’s writing that seems to touch me and I can somehow relate to most of the characters in his novels. Although it may sound a little cheesy but I do agree that a man’s thinking is quite affected by the kind of books he read.They say a man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions and books are a great source of ideas. As Frank Zappa said “so many books so little time”.


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