I m “just” a quizzer


I was, still am and possibly will always be interested in quizzing. It doesn’t matter to me whether I win laurels in quiz or not. Laurels are an excess baggage I m happy to associate with quizzing. I m particularly annoyed at people’s presumptions when I say I like quizzing. They always jump to concusions: “so you are preparing for IAS it seems”, “so you are gonna ace the CAT exams”, “you will get through any interview” etc. etc. I m amazed and angry at the foolish judgemental nature of people. I quiz because I like quizzing not with the intention of preparing for some job, entrance or interview. I still enjoy attending quizzes and with i try to satiate my never ending quest for knowledge. And although I have attended many quizzes and have been selected to the finals of many I still am not a know-it-all.


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