Your glasses


I sometimes wonder why do you wear your glasses. Maybe you wear it because it protects your eyes from the radiations of the sun. You definitely like to care of your eyes. Or maybe because it’s in fashion and you want to be trendy and not mocked at by your peers for not wearing a pair.

They say you can catch a person telling lies by looking in her eyes. So maybe you are lying about something and want to hide your eyes so you are not caught. They also say that when a person smiles truly their eyes also do so. So your glasses may be a cover for all your fake smiles. Maybe you cry underneath those dark glasses and do not want the world to see your tears and you want to project a strong picture of yourself.

Your glasses may very well be an excuse for not looking into the eyes of every person you talk with and paying attention to them without them knowing. Or it may so be that you do not want anyone to look into those eyes of yours and fall for you. Maybe you want to show that you are cold and practical by obstructing the world a view of your eyes, although inside you still are the same.

The world might look different through those dark glasses of yours; you may see things, people and situations that are not clearly visible with our naked eyes. The world is a gray place for most of us seeing it with our naked eye. But maybe you can clearly distinguish the world as black and white with your glasses. Maybe you want to see a different version of reality, a different world which is a pleasure to your eyes.


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