Democracy, politics and all that jazz

parliamThere has been recently a lot of debate, discussion, protests and also some incidents of violence in India. News channel are nowadays having a discussion every other hour. I believe India being a democracy can afford to have such discussions among its people provided they do not resort to violence and they do not violate the law of the land. India is lucky to have very little corruption and almost total independence in higher judiciary. The internet has almost made it impossible to silence the views of both the right and the left .

I feel that neither the right nor the left can be totally silenced and nobody should even try to do so. Much to the chagrin of both the ultra-right and the ultra-left India is a democracy. We can say we have a revolution every five years where a new elected government takes over the reigns from another elected government. The subsequent governments may be polar opposites when it comes to ideology but still the country lives on. The aspirations of the people may change with time and the huge electorate of this country may favor different ideologies at different periods of time.

These days strange binaries are being created by political organizations for their vested interests. Facts are being twisted and things are interpreted to suit the whims and fancies of certain political institutions.Everything is being assumed to be in either black or white. However very rarely is it ever black or white in the real world. Most of the time reality is composed of different shades of grey. Everything is relative more or less.

The entire right or the entire left is not bad. We must allow each of them space to have a say in our democracy provided one does not try to silence the other by using violence. Our constitution has allowed both of them to be part of the political process. Barring the extreme versions of the right and the left, I hope they will continue to represent the aspirations of the people they represent in our political process and will thus enrich our democracy in perpetuity.


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