Why I love reading Haruki Murakami


Frankly speaking I was not an avid book reader till I read Haruki Murakami’s “After Dark “. I know its not amongst the best books of his but somehow it connected with my emotional state at that point of time and I enjoyed it. Since then I have never been able to stop my addiction of reading books especially books by Haruki Murakami.
Haruki Murakami’s characters are strangely very similar to real life people I have encountered and some of them are like me. Its like he is writing about me had I been in Japan. His characters especially the protagonist is not someone without faults and blemishes but someone who is practical but confused. This closeness to real life of the characters and yet the elements of magical realism in his work makes reading his books an experience which cannot be expressed in words.
Haruki Murakami explores the themes of loneliness, solitude and individuality to a deep extent. I m an individualistic person as such I greatly admire such elements in a writer’s work. Some of his works may seem dark but then there is a strange sort of beauty even in his darker works.
Haruki Murakami is not an author whose works I feel can be speed read for the simple fact that his work involve deep allegories which can only be enjoyed while reading slowly. Haruki Murakami’s views on love as expressed in his works is beautifully confounding yet its surreal and I can’t stop admiring.
Nowadays there has been a buzz that he is going to win the Nobel prize. I wish him well to win but Nobel or not Haruki Murakami will continue to be my favorite writer. There are many other reasons why I love reading Haruki Murakami but there aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to express .

My top five favorite books

Books have been an integral part of my life lately so I thought why not write about the top five books that I have enjoyed reading till now. so here we go:-

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A great book about love, life and relationships. It raises questions on what we perceive as right and wrong . Although a little similar in plot to Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” I liked it more because its less darker. An ultimate Murakami classic. And there are of course reasons galore which can never be expressed in words and can only be experienced while reading it. I can never get tired of rereading it.
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The story of the De la Garza family with food as the main background it tells the story of powerful female protagonists set in Mexico. A story of love, life, loss, women, emotions and obviously food. The twists always have your attention and the elements of magical realism enhance the beauty of the novel. Women, food and family were never so greatly intertwined in a novel like this.
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A humorous novel with music as the backdrop it tells the story of a guy who has recently broken up with his girl and how after many struggles and self introspection he finally wins her back. Many people have classified this utterly funny novel as “guy lit” ( whatever that is), but I just can’t seem to like it less every time I read it in parts. A must read for every man and music lover.

A noir classic which must be enjoyed by any lover of mystery and detective novels. Philip Marlowe is both cool and cunning at the same time. He’s got style and class, and yes he also got the attention of women. The twist in the plot is awesome to say the least.

Okay, okay I know two Murakami books is a bit of an overdose, but can’t help it. Haruki Murakami is my favorite writer so this part memoir part treatise on running has to be in my top five books list. Although myself am not much a runner I liked the way Murakami related running to his life and how it had shaped him as a writer. Running is almost an allegory in this book and is quite relatable to whatever we may enjoy.

So that’s it, my top five books. Let me know if you have read or liked any of these.