New Year, New Plans

I know it's a little late for new year resolutions so I would refrain from calling them resolutions rather I will call them plans for the present year and beyond. From what I've gathered in the past year and a half or so I have had certain shortcomings and my plans henceforth will be to … Continue reading New Year, New Plans


On Downtime

sunset over the brahmaputra river

Downtime is time during which production is stopped especially during set-up for an operation or when making repairs. – Merriam Webster dictionary Downtime is more generally used in case of machines but then can equally be applied to humans as well. It's been a long time(more than a year) since I have written something here … Continue reading On Downtime

Why I don’t like the idea of government jobs in India

Most people in India, especially in smaller towns and cities, are crazy about “Government Jobs”. They say that it offers “Job Security”, “benefits”, etc. I particularly am not fond of such notions. Since I have graduated as an Engineer,(without getting placed in campus, poor me right?) my parents regularly pester me whenever they see an … Continue reading Why I don’t like the idea of government jobs in India