Your glasses


I sometimes wonder why do you wear your glasses. Maybe you wear it because it protects your eyes from the radiations of the sun. You definitely like to care of your eyes. Or maybe because it’s in fashion and you want to be trendy and not mocked at by your peers for not wearing a pair.

They say you can catch a person telling lies by looking in her eyes. So maybe you are lying about something and want to hide your eyes so you are not caught. They also say that when a person smiles truly their eyes also do so. So your glasses may be a cover for all your fake smiles. Maybe you cry underneath those dark glasses and do not want the world to see your tears and you want to project a strong picture of yourself.

Your glasses may very well be an excuse for not looking into the eyes of every person you talk with and paying attention to them without them knowing. Or it may so be that you do not want anyone to look into those eyes of yours and fall for you. Maybe you want to show that you are cold and practical by obstructing the world a view of your eyes, although inside you still are the same.

The world might look different through those dark glasses of yours; you may see things, people and situations that are not clearly visible with our naked eyes. The world is a gray place for most of us seeing it with our naked eye. But maybe you can clearly distinguish the world as black and white with your glasses. Maybe you want to see a different version of reality, a different world which is a pleasure to your eyes.

Uncertainty, excitement, curiosity

I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way”- Carl Sagan

Life is full of surprises. You can’t really predict what is going to happen in the next moment. Who knows, you might end up becoming a millionaire in a second by winning a lottery or a pauper by losing all in a street mugging. It is this unpredictability that makes life exciting.

I don’t have it all figured out in life. In the final days of my engineering degree studies, many of my classmates have already landed jobs, while others got admits into various universities around the world for further studies and others are going for something or the other. I on the other hand do not have any concrete plans for the immediate future.

Maybe I would take a one year sabbatical from studies and go on a backpacking expedition across India or maybe I would land in some startup and learn a whole lot of stuff or some competitive exam or the other. The possibilities are endless and I wouldn’t commit to any one by dismissing the others.

Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting”- Haruki Murakami

People have been troubling me with questions of what would I do after graduation. I know they mean well but I have nothing in particular to say to them, so I have been giving them cooked up plans of my future course of action. It annoys me a lot when they pity on me because I haven’t yet got a job (because that’s what they feel studies are for). Well I would advise or rather request them to mind their own business and stop worrying for me like a teenager. They see my future as bleak.

I on the other hand would like to believe otherwise. I could end up doing many exciting things as I do not have any expectations as of now from my immediate future. I do not have any idea what is going to happen next in my life and that for me is okay. I would not worry much about it but pursue whatever life offers me next. I am curious about the future and the future seems a lot exciting to me nowadays.

Madness is the result not of uncertainty but of certainty”- Friedrich Nietzsche


I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. – Dan Milman

Often in life we are faced with choices. Barring a few learned ones, almost all of us had experienced dilemma over our decisions. Time is not everlasting and hence precious. If we are to make optimum use of whatever time we have got left in our life we should inevitably prioritize our tasks and decisions. Certain things will therefore, have to take precedence over others which are relatively less important.

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

However, it is commonly observed that our priorities change with time. What we perceive today to be important may not seem so some years later. Our lives are constantly changing and due to our environment or our own realization we tend to prioritize different things at different times.

Priorities should not be limited to decisions about things, we should also prioritize the people we want to keep company with. Its no use being with someone who cannot help in our betterment. A man is known by the conpany he keeps,  or so it is said. Although not entirely true but this saying has got some weight. It is better to be alone than in bad company.

Actions expresses priorities- Mahatma Gandhi

Nothing expresses our priorities more than our actions. What we do is a reflection of what we deem important in life.

Karmic roadblock


Stranded on a steep hillside dhaba sipping cup after cup of tea wasn’t supposed to be in the itinerary of Rajesh. Rajesh a travel writer for a leading lifestyle magazine had been on a visit to the Buddhist town of Tawang for his review of tourist places in northeastern part of India. Their bus was stranded for about three hours due to a sudden landslide. The army and local people were clearing the debris and the road wasn’t supposed to be clear till tomorrow morning. He and some of the fellow passengers took rooms in a nearby guesthouse whose name was too exotic to pronounce. Rajesh was so engrossed thinking about his work and awed and mesmerized by the steep hills and lush forests that he didn’t care who his fellow passengers were in the bus. Now since the road was blocked for the night he had all the time to notice his fellow bus boarders and also the natives of the hills.

He observed that the people boarding the bus could be mainly divided into three groups- hippy tourists, monks and some locals who had some business to attend to. Rajesh never liked hippies, the locals and the monks seemed nice but he didn’t understand their language nor could they or so he thought. Besides he was not in any mood to engage in sign language histrionics. So he sat in a corner sipping tea and reading the latest issue of the magazine he worked in, which he had packed in his travel bag. The hills made him both happy and sad. The hills were beautiful, steep and majestic but they also were devoid of enough human interaction that although, he seemed to dislike when he was in the city, now he missed here in amidst the hills.

Soon a monk came and asked ” its hotter here than in Tawang, isnt it?” Rajesh was a little surprised that the monk seemed to speak in a common understandable tongue. The monk looked about 40 yrs. old had a radiant pair of eyes and his smile was mysterious to say the least. “Ya, but I am more attuned to a little heat than the harsh cold in uphill.” And thus started their conversation. They enquired about their purpose of visit to Tawang, discussed about the weather, places they had been to around the world. The monk abruptly asked Rajesh “what is that is troubling you my son?” Rajesh was a little taken back by this sudden question and hesitantly replied “no I am not troubled sir. “The monk then gazed straight into the eyes of Rajesh and he was forced to concede that yes he indeed was troubled. Rajesh was troubled by the constant stress of his work. Lately due to stiff competition from his contemporaries he was losing face in the eyes of his employer. Although he did write articles which seemed good to him the editors were not much pleased with his work. He always longed for the approval of his editors and he was quite distraught now for not getting enough of it. However Rajesh was not demoted from his position nor was there any risk of losing his job, infact he earned better now than before. But he still wanted something to happen and yet he did not know what it was. So he grasped the first opportunity for a trip to Tawang thinking it would soothe his mind but contrary to his expectations it did not help much.   

Listening to the plight of Rajesh the monk first smiled dispassionately and then said, “Believe in Karma and you will be fine. And…” Rajesh interrupted, “how can I believe that my present condition is a result of my past life sins. I would respectfully decline to do so.” The monk explained, ” I m not asking you to believe in your Karma of previous life. All I m asking you to do is to believe in the Karma of your present life. Believe that you will get what you truly deserve. Your work will reap you the benefits you need. Do not be attached to the results of your actions. Do your work and leave the rest to a higher entity. What goes around eventually comes around. Do not get into some work expecting to get something in return, because it is expectation that hurts the human soul the most. Unfulfilled expectations are the cause of sorrow. If you can free yourself of expectation you will attain nirvana, but I understand it is not possible for people like you, to be devoid of any expectations entirely. But try to have minimal expectations and dont be attached to the results of your work.”

Rajesh listened like a child to all this and somehow a big clout cleared in his head and peace seemed to finally reside in his mind. The monk and Rajesh parted ways for the night and after so many days Rajesh slept like a child. Next day when he woke up the debris were cleared and he wanted to talk again with the monk. But the monk was nowhere to be seen. He enquired about the monk to others and he did meet some monks but none fitted his description of the monk he saw yesterday. He thought maybe he had wandered to some nearby monastery. Before restarting on his bus journey he thought it would be apt to go visit a nearby monastery so that there are no further roadblocks on his journey home. But he was shocked to see in the monastery the picture of the monk he had met. The name was written in possibly Tibetan script but below it was written (1968-2012). He was shocked and doubts started to arise in his mind whether that was a ghost of the monk . But he remembered the monk or the ghost of the monk or whatever it was had delivered to him. He decided that the purpose of his visit to Tawang is now fulfilled. He accepted that it was perhaps divine intervention that sought to deliver him the message of Karma and to which he must adhere to. He then left the monastery and boarded the bus on his way to home.